The strenght of vulnerability

Pencil drawing on paper Gemma Steemers

Pencil drawing on paper
Gemma Steemers

As I was working through this concept of vulnerability, I suddenly realised that it was something that has been the underlying theme in almost all (if not all) of my artwork.
Early on in my work, however I did not really “own my own story”. That is, I felt weary about it. It was all too personal. Now I realise that it is exactly that which makes me, ME.
Also, if we don’t own our “vulnerabilities” we let ourselves become a victim of them.
It is acknowledging and accepting who we are, with all our qualities and faults that we turn our weaknesses into our strenghts!

“…and that visibility which makes us most vulnerable is that which also is the source of our greatest strength.”― Audre Lorde


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