Project Peace of Happiness – the story behind…..

My first “peace of happiness” Leiden, Netherlands, April 2018

Have you ever felt so strongly about something that you just had to pursue it, whatever the outcome?
Well, that’s why I have just started “Project Peace of Happiness”

Several years ago, I worked as a project leader for young refugees.
Since then, and with the current situation in Syria, where so many
children have died or have had to flee to, for example, the island “Lesvos” in Greece,
I have wanted to do something but didn’t quite know what or how.

Then, about a month ago, I went to the beautiful island of Cyprus for a week.
During that week, there was a chemical attack in Syria, that injured and killed many innocent children.
Also during that week, Jet fighters were preparing their counter-attack from the military base in Cyprus.

I couldn’t believe that just over 300 km away a tragedy was taking place while I was
sipping my coffee in the sun.
While visiting a town called Paphos, I saw a beautiful installation created by 3 inspiring women  called “Peace to Peace”.

In the  photo below I am admiring the installation in Paphos, Cyprus

Once back home in the Netherlands, idea’s started taking shape in my mind.

So I just started to crochet, peace by peace.

Up until now, I have made 45 pieces in my free time and am currently in the process of installing them in my area.

My ideal goal is to raise money and go to Lesvos myself, in a year’s time
to offer the children art-materials and art-lessons (I am an artist and a social psychologist)
I am taking it step by step and doing this project in all the free time that I have to spare.

For now THE FIRST STEP is to CREATE AS MANY “PEACES” as possible and spread them all over in order
to create awareness for the situation of all refugee children around the World.
If you would like to participate- please follow me on instagram @project peace of happiness.

It would be a great way to share a” peace of happiness”, and
it’s a small gesture that could have a large impact!

Thanks for sharing ☮️


  • 17/05/2018 at 12:54 // Beantwoorden

    Hallo Gemma
    wat een geweldig initiatief en ik wil graag met je mee haken, maar je patroon als voorbeeld vind ik niet ? neem maar contact met me op om te lijken of we een haakgroepje kunnen beginnen

    • Hallo Marianne,

      Wat leuk dat je mee wilt doen. In de link hieronder vind je de instructies in het Engels.“Peace-of-Happiness-granny-square-+-tassle.pdf
      De Nederlandse versie volgt binnenkort. Hectische dag …, maar wel heel positief.

      Ik ben momenteel een avond aan het regelen bij Meet&make in Leiden (Stille Rijn 13) voor 7 juni om met zijn allen te gaan haken. Leuk als je mee wilt doen en eventueel vriendinnen mee wilt nemen. Ik zal je binnenkort hier meer informatie over sturen. Een groepje lijkt me ook heel gezellig. Misschien kunnen we dat op 7 juni nog bespreken.
      In ieder geval nogmaals bedankt en een hele fijne avond.
      Groetjes Gemma Steemers
      Project Peace of Happiness

  • Hallo Gemma,
    Vandaag over het Stadspolderpad gefietst en je creaties gezien. Mooi.
    Ook je stuk in het Leidsch Dagblad gelezen.
    Ik ben zelf een wildbreier (geweest) Alleen nog mijn lantaarnpaal en fiets zijn ingepakt. Heb meegedaan om de stad mooier te maken tijdens het Glazen Huis en bij het LUMC tijdens het 15 jarig bestaan.
    En haken kan ik ook. Graag kom ik ook op 7 juni om te horen en zien wat ik voor je actie kan betekenen.
    Groeten, Els

  • Hallo Gemma, I am visiting Leiden from Cape Town and have been riding past these unexpected crochet work on a hedge on the way to Merenwijk. Today is my last day here so I stopped to see what it was about and to take a picture. Then I googled your project and was pleasantly surprised by what is behind this little piece/peace of urban art! Good luck with your venture. Groete, Elna

    • Oh dear Elna, I’m sorry I haven’t seen your wonderful message up until now. Things have taken such a flight since my first public Works. And I do this in my free time! Organising events, crowdfundingplatform , crochet and websites/FB/ Instagram . Thankyou so much for your lovely Words and I wish you all the best in Capetown.
      Warm regards,
      Gemma Steemers

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