Sotiria Togia : Jewelry Designer Rethymno, Crete,
Owner of the jewelry shop “K22” together with her husband and co-designer, Giorgos.

Giorgos and Sotiria

Sotiria’s jewelry

Sotiria Togia is a warm, kind Greek woman (and dear friend) but more particularly a very talented jewelry designer. She is currently living in the centre of Rethymno, Crete, together with her lovely husband, Giorgos, her youngest of two daughters Cleo, and since a few years, her elderly father.

K22 Jewelry shop Rethymno

Sotiria and Giorgos own a beautiful, quaint jewelry shop, on the ground floor of their house, where you will find their unique, handmade jewelry.

She and her husband, make all the jewelry at the end of their small shop in a tiny workshop.




Sotiria creates magic with the precious stones she uses in her silver and golden pendants, bracelets, rings, broches and earrings. Designing and making jewelry is her life’s passion. Over the years, Sotiria has developed her own, personal, unique design. Her work often has beautiful symbolic meanings with each precious stone that she chooses with the utmost care.

Infinity collection

She has learned her crafts in design, engraving and ancient Greek techniques from experts who only offer their skills and secrets of trade to a happy few.







Life has certainly not always been easy for Sotiria and her family, especially since the crisis, consequences of which still have their impact today. However, Sotiria remains hopeful and positive and her desire to create beauty keeps her and Giorgos going strong!

Sotiria and I have become very good friends over the last decade, visiting and inspiring each other as much as we can. 

If you go to Crete, you should definitely  visit Sotiria’s and Giorgos’s shop in Rethymno, or go to their website to purchase their jewelry. You can also visit her Instagram account.

Currently Sotiria and I are working together on Project Peace of Happiness. She has made the most beautiful jewelry items with the symbol of a poppy specifically for the project. These items will be online soon for you to admire or purchase.

Sotiria and I working together in Rethimno, June 2018 ❤️