Urban Stories

“Wherever I dwell, I am so often ¬†inspired

by the unique and wonderful stories of the creative people

I encounter on my journeys.”

x Gemma

Handmade leather journal, made by me @bygemmadesigns (Instagram and FB)

For many years, I have been gathering and writing down the stories of some of the most inspiring people I have met: artists, architects, storytellers, musicians and many more…….

These are all people that have welcomed me into their homes and have enriched my personal life in one way or another.

Now I felt it was time to start writing down their stories and our encounters. Not only because they are precious stories to me, but also, I hope to inspire others on their personal journey towards living a life in which they are able to fulfill their passions and dreams.

Under this page, the stories of those who have touched my life unfolds………