Urban Art Experience

My name is Gemma Steemers……
I am an artist, a social psychologist, a – slightly bohemian-  traveller, a mother of 2  boys, a partner, sister of 4  siblings and a daughter …..


I am originally Dutch but grew up in different European countries. I currently live in the beautiful town of Leiden, Netherlands where I have my own studio in which I create, but also coach young people to explore and develop their talents.

I feel most inspired when I travel, when I’m on the road, when I get lost, meet new people, listen to their unique stories,  experience and savour new cultures and discover new places.

I simply love to cross (artistic) borders!

But I also love coming back to my lovely art-studio where I can use all that my senses have picked up during my travels and encounters, in my work.

Contact and info

Gemma Steemers
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