Welcome to  Project “Peace of Happiness”! 

Have you ever felt so strongly about something that you just had to pursue it, whatever the outcome?
Well, that’s why I started “Project Peace of Happiness” in May 2018.

Happy Flags Agios Georgos

This project aims to spread colorful “peaces of happiness”  (urban crochet) throughout the world, in order to:

1. put a smile on people’s faces and brighten up their day, but more importantly….

2. create awareness for children who have had to flee their homes and are staying in refugee camps all over the world.

3. go to Lesvos in 2019 to offer refugee children art-(materials), music and other means of expression in order to enable them to be a kid again!

If you would like to support my project and enable me to help these children, please DONATE HERE!

As a former projectleader for refugee children in Leiden (NL), social psychologist and artist, my ultimate  goal is to make a difference for these children.

Every spare moment of my time, I am creating colorful urban crochet pieces and I am currently in the proces of placing them in my neighborhood, my town and actually everywhere I (will) travel. So far there are “peaces” of happiness hanging  in Leiden, Oisterwijk (NL), Antwerp (B),  Crete (GR), Hamburg (D) and Portugal.

For more photo’s, latest developments and background information on my initiative:

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You can help colour this world!


– follow me on Instagram @ProjectPeaceOfHappiness

– like and share my posts

– create your own “peace of happiness” or see my free patterns here.

– post the photo’s of your crochet work (hanging in a public place) via #projectpeaceofhappiness or if you’re not on Instagram, email me the photo of your crochet piece(s) and I will post them on my website and Instagram account for you.

or make more with friends, hang it up in your neighborhood, take a picture and post it on #projectpeaceofhappiness

Wouldn’t it be great if there were Peaces of Happiness hanging in public places all over the world?

Brighten up this world and share a Peace of Happiness!

For idea’s, suggestions, collaborations, donations, sponsorship…..etc. please contact me: Gemma Steemers at info@urbanartexperience.nl


☮️ Gemma

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