Welcome to  Project “Peace of Happiness”! 

Have you ever felt so strongly about something that you just had to pursue it, whatever the outcome?
Well, that’s why I started “Project Peace of Happiness” in May 2018.

My name is Gemma Steemers. I am a social psychologist (working with young people) a former projectleader for young refugees and an artist. Since april of 2018,  I have been raising awareness to the situation of young refugees on Lesvos in my free time though public crochet (“peace-s of happiness”) and other forms of art.

Urban Crochet, Merenwijk

Crochet Installation “Kunstroute Leiden” 2018







In december of 2018, I went for a pre-visit to Kara Tepe and camp Moria in Lesvos to see with my own eyes how I could make a difference for the young residents of the camps.

Camp Moria Lesvos December 2018, with volunteer coördinator Rosa

With the logistic aid and moral support of Movement on the Ground (NGO) I will be going to the camps of Lesvos from the end of April until the beginning of June  2019  to offer the orphans and unaccompanied minors ongoing projects so they can express themselves through art and creativity

I will be offering the youngsters an art- program and art-materials that can be used after I have left. Amongst other things, I’ll be teaching them all sorts of cool printing techniques on paper as well as on T-shirts.
Involving the Greek community in these positive acts is one of my desires. In order to achieve my goal I could use your support. Because I truly believe supporting their well-being now will create a flourishing future for us all.☮️

You can help colour this world!
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Brighten up this world and share a Peace of Happiness!

☮️ Gemma

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