Last week, I picked up €2000 worth of beautiful, colorful art-materials to send on transport towards Lesbos next week. I will be adding some extra’s that I have already purchased so that when I get there……..we’ll be ready to start om this creative journey!
My first “peace of happiness” Leiden, Netherlands, April 2018 Have you ever felt so strongly about something that you just had to pursue it, whatever the outcome? Well, that’s why I have just started “Project Peace of Happiness” THE BACKGROUND STORY Several years ago, I worked as a project leader for young refugees. Since then, and with the current situation in Syria, where so many children have died or have had to flee to, for example, the island “Lesvos” in



Mixed media collageGemma Steemers



Mixed media collageGemma Steemers “Ecoute, écoute-la cette petite voix Ecoute-la bien, elle guide tes pas Avec elle tu peux ėchapper Aux rêves des autres qu’on voudrait t’imposer Ces mots là ne mentent pas C’est ton âme qui chante ta melodie à toi.” By the french singer-songwriter Zaz From the song “Comme ci, comme ça” “Listen, listen to that tiny voice Listen well, she’ll guide the way Help you escape the dreams that others impose, She
Pencil drawing on paperGemma Steemers As I was working through this concept of vulnerability, I suddenly realised that it was something that has been the underlying theme in almost all (if not all) of my artwork. Early on in my work, however I did not really “own my own story”. That is, I felt weary about it. It was all too personal. Now I realise that it is exactly that which makes me, ME. Also,
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